MixIT - Enterprise Mixing Analysis Tool

- Connect the dots between recipe, process and product attributes

- Archive and share organizational mixing knowledge

- From lab to plant, accelerate process scale up and tech transfer

- Fully automated CFD analysis

- Extensive impeller library

- Customizable correlations


Engineered For Stirred Tank Mixing Analysis

Chemicals | Paints | Petrochemicals | Dyes & Pigments | Industrial Resins | Pharmaceuticals | Water treatment | Biotechnology | Oil & Gas | Agitator OEM

"The program is easy to use and provides helpful information designing, modifying, and troubleshooting mixing applications."

Jeremy Patt - Valspar Corporation

Mix With Confidence

MixIT - The Stirred Tank Reactor Mixing Analysis Tool, provides deep insights and prudent solutions to solve scale up and troubleshooting problems. You can instantly get performance parameters, such as mixing intensity, power per unit volume, blend time, critical suspension speed, gas hold-up and mass transfer coefficients using industry accepted correlations. The automated CFD analysis modules helps you visualize the process and mix with confidence.

Seize Control Of Your Mixing Process

MixIT provides a platform to analyze your mixing process across various scales and configurations. It helps optimize the mixing process performance for Liquid-Liquid, Gas-Liquid  and Solid-Liquid mixing.
MixIT meets all your mixing analysis objectives from reactor selection, comparison and mixing simulation with 3D CFD analysis for both standard and custom designed stirred reactors and impellers.