Bioreactors – Scale-up and Troubleshooting2019-03-01T04:14:36+00:00

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Bioreactors – Scale-up and Troubleshooting

08/03/2019 – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CET

Bioreactors are integral to development of high value products and reducing reliance on existing chemical based commodity processes. The design of bioreactors for large scale production is complex. Experimental testing at lab and pilot scale is both time consuming and expensive and does not always help to understand the underlying influence of reactor hardware and operating protocols on process yields.

This webinar discusses how MixIT – An Enterprise Mixing Analysis Solutions developed by Tridiagonal Solutions helps the process engineers to get more insights into mixing performance of bioreactors using advanced CFD based analysis. With MixIT process engineer can quickly estimate critical mixing performance of a bio-reactor.

Case studies will be demonstrated involving scale-up and trouble shooting of the bioreactors.