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Batch Processes In Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

28/02/2019 – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CET

Focus on Scale-up & Troubleshooting

Batch processes are common in Pharmaceutical manufacturing. In API manufacturing, the batch operations are typically carried out in the stirred tank vessels. Scale-up of the batch stirred tank reactors is often a challenge owing to a large number of design variables involved. Each of the design variables whether it is geometric or operational will influence the flow and mixing behavior in the stirred tank vessels and impact the product quality. Similarly on the formulations side, the operations such as powder mixing, granulation, coating, etc. are carried out in batch mode. Scaling up these operations and ensuring low batch to batch variation are some of the universal challenges faced by the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This webinar discusses the advantages of using modeling and simulation to address the challenges in batch operations. The webinar will introduce simulation techniques and tools that process engineers can use for batch process scale-up.

Case studies will be demonstrated involving operations such as liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, powder mixing and tablet coating.