Mixing In Stirred Tanks - A One Day Training
10 Oct 2017 | 9 AM - 4 PM | Dublin, Ireland

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Course Fee: $500
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Tuesday, Oct 10

New Horizons Ireland| Strand House | 24 Strand Street Great | Dublin 1

Course Overview

  • The course will review principles of mixing in stirred tanks, provide recommendations for process design and scale-up, plus enable participants to apply these principles and recommendations to their mixing processes/problems. Additionally the course will explain how  “MixIT – an enterprise software to predict stirred tank performance” can help facilitate knowledge management, collaboration and use of mixing science within a global organization to accelerate reactor design, process scale up, process optimization and troubleshooting associated with stirred tanks.

    The course take-away's are:
    - Learn to analyze your process and understand the operating conditions that govern the process output and product quality

    - Scale-up rules that are applicable for different types of processes

    - Understand the limits of conventional design rules

    - CFD analysis of stirred tank reactors

    - Hands-on experience with enterprise mixing tool MixIT

    The course contents are:

  • Introduction to stirred tank reactors
    - Industry applications of stirred tank reactors
    - Various types of impeller

  • Analyzing a mixing process
    # Different methods of analysis
    # Introduction to correlation based analysis and CFD analysis
    - Design Variables
    - Power Number | Flow Number | Tip Speed
    # Scale-up rules
    - Miscible liquid
    - Solid liquid
    - Gas-liquid

  • Scale-up examples
    # Scale-up of miscible liquid mixing (batch size example)
    # Scale-up of solid-liquid
    - Solids suspension (dense solids)
    - Solids draw-down (lighter solids)
    # Scale-up of shear sensitive processes
    - Polymer beads example
    - Fermentation Process (gas-liquid)
    # Crystallization (shear and heat transfer)

  • Hands on session with “MixIT”- Solve various mixing problems using MixIT

Why You Should Attend?

The course format combines lectures, demonstrations, and problem-solving sessions, helping you to classify good/bad mixing.

Predict a priori various mixing parameters using correlations and CFD models.

Learn technical approaches for scale-up, trouble shooting and mixing process optimization.

Tuesday, Oct 10

New Horizons Ireland| Strand House | 24 Strand Street Great | Dublin 1